Ready for summer?  We have a selection of stunning white wines perfect for

al fresco dining, barbecues, "gatherings" (we finally hope this can happen) and of course a mid-week treat. There's empahasis on "home-grown' wines from here in the UK to highlight what wondereful wines are available right here on our door-step and teriffic value too.  Full list here.




Two London Dry Gins for you to try.

Sient Pool, Surrey - Green Man Woodland Gin

HMS Spirits Co, Portsmouth, Hampshire - Mary Rose Gin 


Choose from a) 2 x 5cl bottles* + tonics + garnish .....£15

b) 2 x 10cl bottles + tonics + garnish .....£25

* We use 10cl bottles for both packs.

Suscriber here.  Gin weekend is 16/17/18th July

FREE local* Delivery                             Wines, Beers & Spirits

There is no minimum spend.  Telephone 01252 843190 to place an order or email info@thewinepeople.co.uk.  We are very happy to guide you through our portfolio - tell us what you like to drink & how much you'd like to spend.

Payment - Debit or Credit Card.  We offer a FREE weekly delivery service to the following postcodes - * RG27, RG29, GU51, GU52, GU11 & GU14

WHOLESALE customers, please contact John by email on the contact page - we supply many restaurants, pubs, hotels and small establishments in the area at competitive rates and can come to you with a selection of wines to taste that will be best suited for your business.

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