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Fri 16th April

Cocktail Masterclass

19.30 - 21.00hrs


With expert guidance from our international Mixologist we will be making FOUR cocktails which need to be muddled, shaken, stired or built!  The cocktails are based upon Gin, Vodka, Rum and the unique Highland Boundary Spirit from Perthshire, Scotland. Dust down your cocktail shaker, polish your cocktail glasses and fill the ice-bucket with plenty of ice.  Check the ingredients and tools on the link below.  It will be a fun-filled (alcoholic) night. 




Fri 23rd April


19.30 - 21.00hrs


The Drinks Menu is showcasing  English Spirits, Wines and Brandy PLUS you can upgrade you package with a bottle of English Sparkling Wine. (Info to follow)

To show your true patriotism why not dress in red & white or hang-out the red & white bunting. All nations welcome to join us for a Gin & Tonic, wine and finish with an Cornish Cider Brandy.

Guest speakers from Gifford Hall estate and Pocketful of Stones.




What happens next?


We need your help.  


We hope the sun will shine and we'll be able to meet friends and family and go out to wine & dine.  So where does this leave our "Zoom Family"?


Should we organise a monthly ZOOM event where we drop-in on wineries?  Would you prefer to come back to the cosy tastings at the shop?


Tell us what you'd like to see happen next.  You can tell us NOW.  Email on this link.

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