Gin & Tapas Night

Friday 23rd Nov      Tickets £28       7.30pm

Choosing six gins from the huge selection is a challenging task.  The aim is to find gin you probably have yet to try, gins from around the world and gins with a different falvour profile.  The line-up is ...



Distilled by the light of a full moon and tonight, 23rd November is the Frost Moon or Beaver Moon.  If there is a bio-dynamic category for gin then this would be in it.  Botanicals include Muscat grape, rose petals, samphire and mint.



 A Limited Edition gin using distilled with tonka Beans and Clementine.  This is beautifully aromatic.  the Tonka Bean adds a vanilla-like aroma/flavour to the gin.  We think you'll like this a lot.


CORNER 53 UMAMI, Hampshire

This is Shittake Mushrooms, Sund Dried Tomatoes, Honeyed Butternut Squash and pink Peppercorns.  I know, it sounds more like the ingredients for a pizza topping.  You will be amazed.  The aroma is certainly savoury but miraculusly, it tastes like gin.


LABRADOR, Scotland

Scotland probably has the biggest concentration of distilleries in the UK.  We're pleased we've sniffed this one out.  As Sissie is an un-paid member of the distillery team the family have given her recognisiton by making a gin in her honour.  The Auriol staff have 'sampled' quite a lot of this one.  We seem to have an insatiable thirst for Sissie's gin.


TWISTED NOSE Oaked Aged, Hampshire

A cask-aged gin from Winchester which rests for a few weeks in German oak barrels.  Herbaceous and peppery (from the locally grown watercress), this is going to work really well with our Tapas.



Another Limited Edition gin.  Using 14 rare and exotic botanicals from the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh.


With each gin, tonic and garnish there will be Tapas.


NB.  Please advise of any special dietry requirements.

You must be 18 years of age or over to come to our tastings.



Saturday 1st December


It's open house from 11.00am to 6.00pm

Try before you buy.  Wines on the Tasting Table have 10% off the normal retail price.

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